Ziena® Moisture Chamber Glasses

Protect your patient's eyes from the elements.
Whether they suffer from Dry Eye, allergies or contact lens related dryness, their eyes can benefit with extra protection.

Relieve dry eyes syndrome naturally with Ziena. Ziena’s silicone shield locks in eye moisture while blocking out wind & airborne irritants like dust & pollen. It is specifically designed to alleviate symptoms of dry eyes and hay fever. It is proven as a non-invasive (no surgery, natural) solution to ailments. Ziena eyewear helps relieve the burning, itching and redness caused by dry eye.

Sealed eyewear reduces tear evaporation and improves overall comfort. The Ziena silicone moisture chamber eyecup is soft and flexible as it rests gently on the face. Powerful micro-magnets hold the shield securely in place yet allow for easy removal and replacement.

How it works

1. Wire Core Temples
Ensure a secure and adjustable fit.


2. Spring Hinges
For a comfortable fit.


3. Replaceable Moisture Eyecup
Nearly invisible when worn, unique silicone shield is easy to remove, clean and replace.


4. Rx-able Ziena eyewear is easily fit with a prescription lens.


5. Orbital Sealing Fit
The silicone shield is designed to rest gently on the skin, providing a safe and effective seal that blocks out harsh elements and holds in soothing moisture.


6. Adjustable Nose Pads
Soft adjustable nose pads to ensure a secure fit. Currently only available on Verona and Seacrest frames.