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PRN Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals® is the leading developer of specialty omega-3 products. Developed and endorsed by medical thought leaders, PRN® products are supported by clinical evidence and are unmatched in quality and purity. Omega Essentials High Potency Liquid is custom formulated with a high concentration of omega-3s. One teaspoon per day provides a 3:1 ratio of EPA/DHA in the triglyceride form, combined with Vitamin D3.

PRN® omega-3 products contain both a high amount of DHA and EPA.  At PRN®, our omega-3 products are in the triglyceride form. Many other fish oil products are low quality, unpurified, or are sold in a synthetic, ethyl ester form.  This form, which is more difficult to absorb, can leave a fishy odor or after-taste.  It could take up to 40 synthetic capsules to equal the same benefits found in just three capsules of PRN®’s products.

Product Details

  • A safe and effective omega-3 product
  • Great flavor and easy to digest
  • In the Triglyceride Form for Maximum Absorption
  • Highly Purified and Concentrated
  • Molecularly distilled in a Pharmaceutically Licensed Facility
  • Independent Laboratory Tested for Quality and Purity

Dry Eye and Omega-3's

Omega 3’s have a great impact on key physiopathalogical mechanisms of Dry Eye such as hyperosmolarity, quantity and quality of tears and meibum, inflammation and corneal neurosensitivity.


Clinical Improvement within 12 weeks – Effects of oral re-esterified omega-3 nutritional supplementation on Dry Eyes1

Produced in a highly absorbable re-esterified triglyceride (rTG)1 custom formulation2

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Therapeutic Dose – 2240mg/day EPA/DHA




Optimal daily serving of >2000mg EPA/DHA required to elicit anti-inflammatory action3




Ratio of 3:1 EPA vs DHA assists to interrupt inflammatory marker in the body

How it works…

  • Provide your patients with a 3 month supply of PRN® softgels or liquid.
  • Instruct them to take the daily serving of either 3 Softgels or 1tsp liquid for 90 days.
  • At the end of 90 days, if they and you are not satisfied, contact Labtician Théa for a complete refund.

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