Permanent Punctal Plugs

Parasol - One glance at the Parasol® Punctal Occluder and you'll recognize a breakthrough product offering distinct benefits for you and your dry eye patients.

Parasol Product Details

  • Easy to insert — The Parasol’s hollow nose collapses on insertion
  • Collapsible nose
  • Simple Sizing- Two sizes, small and medium, fit virtually all patients. X-small and large sizes are
    available for uncommonly sized punctum
  • Guaranteed Retention- 92% retention rate, pop out Guarantee
  • For patients requiring permanent punctal occlusion
  • Made of medical grade silicone


Parasol is designed for excellent retention, as demonstrated by an independent clinical study*.
Even better, Parasol is backed by a no-nonsense retention guarantee. If your patient loses our plug within within 30 days of insertion, we will replace it at no charge.

Small and medium sizes should accommodate 95% of all patients.  BVI recommends under sizing when in doubt.

Available product offering for Parasol Pre-Loaded and QuickloadTM Punctal Occluders

Microflow Product Details – Partial Occlusion

Microflow – The Micro Flow™ Punctal Occluder is designed to provide a simple, reversible means of partial occlusion. Micro Flow Punctal Occluders limit the drainage of tears into the lacrimal duct. Ideal when total occlusion is too much.

  • Partial occulusion
  • Interior channel
  • Solid nose design to limit drainage
  • For patients requiring partial punctal occlusion

Available product offering for MicroFlow Pre-Loaded Punctal Occluders

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