Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is the main etiology of dry eyes and it is more important now than ever that doctors utilize this technology for the management of ocular surface diseases.

Considered the new OCT for dry eyes, Meibography provides doctors and patients an opportunity to detect and track this progressive disease before it is too late.

Meibox software allows for the assessment of both upper and lower lids meibomian glands. It is able to capture 4 images within 4 seconds. Vision processing technology and intelligent lighting are available for image enhancing.

Meibox is a small footprint device, portable, easy-to-use and fully compatible with any slit-lamp, with EMR friendly reports.

In addition to meibography, the software allows for the following tests to be performed:

  • Tear meniscus height
  • Blinking rate (coming soon)
  • Incomplete lid closure
  • Pupillometry


Visualize Meibomian Glands

The visual demonstration enhances patient compliance with treatments and early intervention.

Here are examples of upper and lower lid images from Meibox showing Meibomian gland dropout.


  • Etiology: EDE vs ADDE
  • Chronicity: Presence of loss indicates blockages over time that have led to hypertrophy and loss of glands
  • Prognosis: Identify the right patients for therapy and set proper expectations
  • Patient Compliance: A picture is worth a 1000 words, engage the patient to improve compliance
  • Baseline: Track patient progress and encourage improved patient compliance


Patient Tool