Retail Ready

As an essential partner we can provide business expertise and direction for you and your staff in order to create a customized approach to retailing that works for your practice.

Based on Canadian data eyeglass revenue, your most significant piece of revenue, is in decline.

Build an incremental revenue stream for your practice by simply providing the solution for your patients right on the spot!

*Data on file at Simi Analytics

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Retailing Dry Eye products:

  • Fosters trust & loyalty to your practice
  • Increases in office traffic – incremental purchases
  • Creates an opportunity to educate patients

*Data on file at Simi Analytics

Approach each patient with the idea of helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.

– Brian Tracy

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As medical professionals, Optometrists can and should OWN the Dry Eye Space.  Proactively diagnosing Dry Eye Disease and prescribing innovative solutions, focused on preservative-free options, differentiates medical-based optometry versus optical chains and pharmacies.

Carrying a range of premium products shows that you are up to date with current technology/research thus better equipped to treat your patients to the full extent of your ability.

The keys to successful outcomes requires a holistic approach.

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